Generation Next Seoul Fashion Week : [Dozoh FW16]


Screen shot 2016-04-13 at 4.45.50 PM



Dongwook Jo.

Futurism, Distortion, Wearbility

A modern western take on the Samurai concept, Dozoh can do no wrong with this collection.. Well crafted pieces that have minimal and refined detailing which are very wearable. I liked the way where he popped in 4 dominant colours which made it easier to dissect – black & white, red, blue.

Asymmetric cuts and angles with just black and white, not too messy for the eye.

The red sleeves is probably my fav from this red set.

Electric Blue. The pullover jumper / sweater is my fav. It totally plays on that “samurai concept” with sword straps and masks. 

Minimalistic with subtle ounces of detailing in sleeves, pants or just angles.

The second one is my fav with those sleeves.

Well done Dozoh! Will look forward to your SS collection.

Extra: interview with Dozoh on the blog soon.

For full collection:

SFW: Dozoh



Seoul Fashion Week

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