HD photos posted by DEUXHOMMES.

I wasn’t able to attend this runway as I was at Generation Next, but since she was so nice to me at her afterparty that I thought I should mention her hehe 🙂

Jarret’s collection bought me back to an era of rebellious and teenage creativity.

First of all, hair hair hair hair!~ It was the hair that gave away that fiery attitude! ❤ Don’t you remember flipping that hair as your crush came over? “Nostalgia” as IFBKSeoul implies..*memories pouring back*

Deux Hommes suggests “at times straight out of a scene from Miss Saigon”. Hm..Really?. *runs off to see Miss Saigon*

As for me, I noticed a balance of the below trends:

  • frayed lining and hem
  • open oversized jackets
  • velvet
  • sports luxe
  • typography graphics
  • block heeled boots
  • fur fur fur fur but through sleeves, shoulders or neck wraps
  • bumper jackets with double zips

I reckon the above trend elements really did sum up Jarret’s intent of the teenage rebellious nature with that touch of youth creativity. The outfits didn’t appear in an orderly fashion either than would expected from a typical runway, rather it was styled in ways that fit the cool, attitude and nerdy teen randomly. It wasn’t one of my best shows of SEOUL FASHION WEEK but it was enjoyable with wearable pieces.

On another note, thanks Jarret for telling us you wanted to style fur in a way that isn’t too heavy through a casual and lighter feel. I find that fur can be very intense and at times “pretentious”. I know how you feel, girl! hehe  Good luck, Ms Ji Youn Lee!




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