First of all, a little flashback for you.

Screen shot 2016-04-08 at 12.55.01 AM

Move over “Wizard of OZ”, Hello to “Pinocchio”.

Instead of seeing sequinned illustrated garments with flashes of metallic and pops of peach and green, I saw a more toned down serious yet still had that cheeky essence in this collection. The slogan “I’m an honest boy” gave away that “take me serious” mood.

Despite being Fall Winter season they still didn’t shy away in giving us splashes of colour pops and they sure do like their fishtail high wasted skirts, don’t they. They’re too low for me. xD I’m loving the 2 in 1 kind of fishtail silhouette but asymmetrical look in this jumper outfit plus if you look closer the sleeves are cutout.

And yeap, that 70’s flare is still here folks! I was never a fan of it though.

I am never too keen on fur as it’s plays a heavy winter and pretentious mood, but I like how BNB12 used a ombre or dip-dye colour tones, or however you may call it, in their fur. A cool way to cas (casual) down the heavy look.

Im sorry, I know this is trendy among the Korean fashion industry, but puffy jackets are never in my books xD The fur sleeves are too bulky for the look. I remember hearing the designers said these two are their most popular looks? I don’t remember, but personally, it ain’t my thing.

Extra sleeves anyone? I’ve noticed extra sleeves are still prominent throughout Fashion Week. They didn’t miss the memo this season of adding velvet to the line teamed too with – my fav- a pair of loose culottes ❤


This is my fav garment of whole collection! The dress is neoprene which means its stretchy and it’s slim shape will mould to your body shape. Although it is quite long. “Must wear heels” alert! haha This is the first look for the runway and the model struts poses at the end with a cheeky sassy attitude. Get it, girl! You got the look! #fire #imsohawt

When I took a look at the print myself at their showroom I told them “It’s like Where’s Wally, but Where’s Pinocchio”. They agreed so I guess I will call it “Where’s Pinocchio Print Dress” to remember it by. keke

I wonder what their next theatrical theme will be? Or won’t they….

Which outfit do you prefer?

Thank you to designers 박정상 & 최정민. You’re always both so welcoming when I come to see you at your showroom for a chat. The runways are always so inspiring and upbeat with a 70, 80, 90s cheeky vibe! Thank you for coming out greeting the audience on a more personal and fun level! Keep up the great work!

To see the full collection: SEOUL FASHION WEEK or INAPAD.


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