Saturday 27th was a night of gloss and glamour. Natalie and I were honoured to attend the STAGE ONE FILM FESTIVAL at the GOLD COAST, Australia.

Apart from a few technical hiccups  (collecting MEDIA VIP passes, finding tables, microphone hearing difficulty for the back tables) we made it fun for ourselves.

Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 8.20.52 PM
Natalie Rap for Interlaced Media. Tis’ all about the leg on that red carpet hehe | Wearing ShowPo dress. | Photo: MrSmith
Yeah, I got no chest hehe
We even sat with these guys (The Gastons) who were the supporting bands of the night. Natalie and I felt like their groupies hehe
Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 8.29.48 PM
The Pot Belleez. The main band of the night.

Who would have known that these guys sang the themesong for the JEEP add? I didn’t! Gosh they were soo good! Natalie and I partied hard for our last hour before we had to leave.


Awesome band and crowd!! Wine splashes on dresses? Who needs to care right now.. hehe

Well done to this man.. Wade Boyes, director of the Film Festival and to all who were involved. I hope next year the team organises it a little better than this time, but hey, can’t have everything perfect. Just aim a little higher next time. Wade was so nice to call me up to apologise and help us with our passes and seats but unfortunately, he was too busy to go through with it. I understand when your needed you must rush off. Mr Director you should let your volunteers do the job, not you. Just sit and relax, mate! Thank you for your hospitality. I’m still waiting on my gift bag hahah. Joking~ xxx


For more photos and sponsors pop over here.

Credit: Manic Media Productions | STAGE ONE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL | Event Sponsors

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