The Dress Collective [13 Feb 2016 Melbourne]

Welcome to The Dress Collective: Offside Virgin Melbourne Fashion Festival for Australian emerging designers.

Natoshua, Manhattan Couture‘s CEO, and I flew down to Melbourne to support fellow blogger, The Fashion Advocate and our Brisbane Designers.


To see the whole lineup of designers, sponsors and creatives pop over here.

To see more photos of the event pop over here.

Below are our favs of the night in no runway order.


mareno marcos 2

Designer: Moreno Marcos | Photo: The Fashion Advocate

mareno marcos

Designer: Moreno Marcos | Photo: The Fashion Advocate

Being a Brisbane designer, boy, she had a lot to say in her collection, especially opening the night! Well done Moreno Marcos!

jadewood design

Designer: Jadewood Design | Photo: Tara Leigh Photography

Damn, those earrings Jadewood!

the prodigal daughter

Designer: The Prodigal Daughter | Photo: Tara Leigh Photography 

Natoshua and I were nodding away to this print! ❤

oroceo castro 3

Designer: Oroceo Castro | Photo:Tara Leigh Photography

As soon as this walked out audience was in “wooow” mode. Love this!

oroceo castro2

Designer: Oroceo Castro | Jasmine Janabi

Yeap who doesn’t like a pop of bright red and a skirt that bops along to your hot walk and legs..

cameron and james

Designer: Cameron & James | Photo: Tara Leigh Photography

Marble and studs ❤

black mob the label

Designer: Black Mob The Label | Photo: Tara Leigh Photography

Bold Bold Bold with a mesh tunic to tone it down.

black mob the label

Designer:Black Mob The Label | Photo: Scenestr.

A dress? Nah, its just long. The typography print just takes your mind away how long it is.

letitia green design

Designer: Letitia Green Design | Photo: Tara Leigh Photography  

Last and not least, we are in love. A bit of leg and colour prints has got us!




  1. The backdrop displayed the designer’s name head view, which meant guests who are standing or sitting in the lines back could not see the designer name behind front row heads. If you didn’t pick up a program sheet you would not have known the designer at all.
  2. 20-30 minutes intermission does not work for a large crowd. Finding your seats is a problem or has been taken by someone else. If you are a solo guest what to do for 20 minutes if you are not as sociable as others?
  3. No sponsored canapés and drinks (only drinks paid bar). Being associated with Virgin Melbourne Fashion Week would surely gain sponsors.
  4. I was backstage to help one of my designers. When we had last minute model changes, dressers were off doing their own thing or rearranging racks. I would always suggest dressers should be with their designer to see how to dress the model during dress rehearsal. Some designers were sitting front row while the show was on so hopefully there were no problems backstage.
  5. Designers did not enter the runway of their last collection run. I would have loved to see who the talented designer is.


  1. Giftbags were full with great mini prizes and information (post soon)
  2. Venue location was great as it was close to our place we were staying (I don’t know Melbourne really.. haha)
  3. A variety of designer collections and opening the show up with Mareno Marcos set the level of talented Australian designers.

Well done to everyone!


Theresa | Dream Of Colour AU xx

Credits: Photography and Designer as stated under photo, The Dress Collective, The Fashion Advocate, Virgin Melbourne, sponsors and creatives.

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