Under 10 Minutes with Theresa Chung.

under 10 mins with thereas chung

What is Theresa Chung doing in 2016?

I am launching my own Fashion Agency under Theresa Chung called ATOWN LABEL.

What is Atown Label?

It is a fashion Agency label representing emerging international and Australian designers.

Was Theresa Chung not happy with fashion blogging, what made her expand?

It’s not that I wasn’t happy. With Dream Of Colour AU, I could get into a lot of fashion shows and events. I just needed something more. With my skills in styling, sales and social marketing, I feel like I have the potential to go higher. At fashion weeks, I met up with a lot of fashion designers who are finding it hard to market or promote their own collections. A lot of other agencies work on monthly fees which can cost up to thousands of dollars which new designers are not in the right financial state to be investing in, thus having to shut down their business. I mean we’re both starting why not help each other and maintain that relationship into the future. Right now, I am focusing on models that suit my branding and designer’s branding. I’m sure it will expand later on down the track.

Where can one find the funding to start up?

If you are thinking to start up your own business make sure you have a simple business plan to apply for business loans, investors / sponsors or government grants. Business plans are simply a guide outlining your goals and plans to help you reach those goals. I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of public business plan templates on Google. Don’t be sucked into the “buy our business plan and you can grab the latest daily subscription of how to start up your business.” I guarantee you that’s a scam by the dodgy invoice they give you. I totally fell for that!

Really, all you need is a business plan provided by your local government. It’s free and gives you a simplistic template which you can dissect and delete sections that you feel fit to delete. A free hotline for business start-up advice will be on the government website should you need answers rather than investing thousands of dollars and hours with a lawyer at the start of your business. You just need to get your trademark, business number, domain, and tax all sorted first. These can be a financial hassle but its worth it in the long run should you ever come across copyright issues.

How did Theresa Chung find the funding to start her own business?

I was lucky enough to find an investor that has taken interest in my plans. I was referred to this investor by people who I met at previous events. While funding is important, public profile is equally important.

So how does Theresa Chung increase her public profile?

Since 2010, I’ve been attending events, especially fashion weeks, as a fashion blogger. I’ve been blessed to meet so many industry people who have guided me to run my own path. I love meeting new people even if it doesn’t involve fashion. Everything I do is inspired by other people’s goals and ambitions. My public profile keeps increasing everyday as I have already received so much attention from new clients even before I have officially launched Atown Label. I am very grateful, but sometimes the amount of work can be stressful.

So how does she juggle with Theresa Chung’s and Atown Label’s activities?

I provide my own personal styling services under Theresa Chung that can or not relate to Atown Label depending on client requests. Under Atown Label I communicate with bigger clients such as designers and retailers.

It’s just a matter of differentiating and prioritising certain activities under the corresponding business. I take weekends off from clientele meetings for yoga, family or friends. As much as I am busy I still need to take off 2 days to refresh my brain. I do get brain freezes from time to time even when I’m in meetings haha. My clients think it’s funny that even I, as CEO, still have my weird moments hehe.

What else will Theresa Chung be doing in 2016?

I will be updating 3 blogs, because I know that not all of my followers follow me for just fashion. I have fashion, business and lifestyle followers.

TheresaChung will be a public profile blog for business.

Dreamofcolour will now be a blog merely for my opinions of fashion.

ATown Label ‘s blog page will be designer and collection updates, interviews and collaborations.

ExclusivelyTrendy will be snippets of my lifestyle adventures around the world whenever I attend fashion weeks and other events.

I will be travelling with all three. I cannot leave my followers empty handed while I run on my own journey. I will be taking videos and photos at fashion runways and meetings with my clients with authorisation.

Why would Theresa Chung want to reveal the secrets to running her business?

It’s not like I want to reveal everything. I don’t think there is enough insight for aspiring fashion students. I find it frustrating where people ask me what do you do? I reply, “I work in fashion.” The 9/10 times typical response is “Oh, you’re a designer?”. I would have earned 1 million dollars the amount of times I have been asked that.

The fashion industry is a big community to dive into. Fashion design may be the most promoted in fashion, however there are other areas that help make fashion design come to life. i.e fashion buying, fashion agency, fashion marketing, fashion PR, fashion pattern maker, fashion stylist, full time fashion blogger, fashion writer, fashion editor, fashion photographer, fashion model, event management, etc. There are much more areas I haven’t even touched on.

What I am providing through my branding is an insight to fashion agency activities involving fashion designers. Obviously, I won’t be revealing the legal logistics behind my brands, but I hope that my followers will not be sticking to the one “fashion design” pathway into the fashion industry.

What is Theresa Chung’s schedule for the next 6 months?

Still considering New Zealand, Hong Kong and Tokyo fashion week.


What is Theresa Chung’s advice for others?

Like I told Sauce Ink Mag:

 “My main words to you are: DREAM IT, PLAN IT, DO IT!”


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