Australian Fashion Week : A Dream

fashion week

I had a dream…A dream to combine Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Fashion Week. If I were to organise the ultimate biggest fashion week to represent Australia I would push 3 cities in a week – Monday to Sunday. Having different weeks for all three cities is very confusing for me and for others! So why not?

Let’s see what my schedule could look like if this ever comes to action. P.S I will just leave venues as it is 🙂

Screen shot 2015-09-18 at 3.16.44 PM

While I love designers, I love seeing emerging designers showcase. I mean how did designers start anyway?…

In addition, why not feature a runway of how designer street wear continues to influence every day? The new trends, the returning trends and the uniqueness.

We can not just leave out the official after-party right? Let’s get glamorous, fashionable and have a drink and dance with other fellow industry members.

I really do enjoy Industry get-togethers. Brunch, dinner or whatever it may be. It’s a time where people are relaxed with each other, talk about the industry, fashion week and networking. I’ve learned a lot and met so many inspiring fellow industry members at Brisbane events.

My #outfitoftheday style for #fashionweekaus

fashion week style

Maybe you are asking why am I not wearing glamorous designer wear or bright colours for fashion week. I also work behind the camera so I would rather be in an outfit that is comfy yet still describes my personality into my wear. i.e. quirky, comfy, effortless, fun, style, pattern, individualism. Let’s face it, wearing heels all day won’t be as glamorous at the end of the day.

I chose crèmes, blacks and browns as Australian weather is kind of unpredictable, especially in Melbourne. The crèmes still exudes warmth and that relaxing feel that Australia has. And oriental spring blossoms on the shirt screams me – Asian! Haha And I need nails that fit with my colour tones. I use the camera so I have to have coloured nails too!

Screen shot 2015-09-19 at 12.41.53 AM

Fashion BLOGging and fashion INSTAGRAMers are taking fashion week by storm. It’s just too easy to express an opinion of a designer showcase and/or take shots and Instagram the hell of a cool runway look. It’s how we keep up with all the fashion hype. So we totally need more fashion bloggers and photographers in the VIP line. And yes we need top fashion icons such as Gary Pepper, Margaret Zhang or Kate Waterhouse, but we still need to recognise the local social people. Bring on board more bloggers. Yes, I still hear stories about how SOME, NOT ALL, bloggers fight their way through the line to get to VIP. Those bloggers give us a bad impression. However, those who are genuine bloggers who don’t care for VIP, just need a glimpse on the sideline, even 3rd or 5th row is fine for them, deserve 2nd or VIP. That’s just my opinion. Although it’s hard to tell who is genuine in this competitive industry. I would love to mention fellow bloggers who love being themselves and would appreciate my company at fashion week but I can’t be too publicly biased hehe

Screen shot 2015-09-19 at 12.58.07 AM

So how would your #fashionweekaus look like?

– Entry post for “Take Over Australian Fashion Week” –

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