Busy and Catching Up`

Hey Dreamers,

My apologies for not being so active but I have an explanation. I am busy with the launch of my stock label. Yippie~

Many of you on Facebook and Instagram are confused why I am promoting a different name, that’s because I am the director for a new Australian stock label.




I have been busy contacting many designers, especially those listed below as my potential designers for 2016, from South Korea, Australia, Vietnam and US.

atown designer

Since I was 17, I’ve wanted to work for a label that fits with my style, so now I have ATOWN. From 23, I’ve realised I want to work for myself. 27, right now, may be a bit late, but I always ask myself `If not now then when?!` For those of you struggling to run after your dreams, DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP WITH THOSE WHO DISCOURAGE YOU! Even if that is your own family. My parents are too traditionally Asian to even understand how networking, technology, fashion and business works together. `Go back into full time work, you’ll be set for life when you get married.` Do I intend to find happiness through marriage? My longest relationship has only been 8 months let alone enduring 2+ years of marriage and family. With this mindset I am moving forward, persevering through any negativity through friends, family and haters!

Screen shot 2015-09-04 at 9.31.41 PM

Pattern: freedesignfile.com

Besides, I can’t stand to be in an office or simple full time job in a week. I’m too cray Asian for that, right? haha Thank you so much for your love so far and for my new goals on top of DREAM OF COLOUR AU! xoxo

I have plenty of posts for you from MBFF, UBERMEN, INDOOROOPILLY, etc soon. Too many to even start!

See you soon Dreamers 🙂

P.S I have nick names. Lion Hair, Asian Mafia / Gangster (where’s my Asian toothpick). What’s your nickname for me? LOL


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