Beach Planning`

Planned a nice trip with my girls but last minute got cancelled.

I don’t mind but just wanted to share my pack. 🙂

CYMERA_20141114_170656 (1)

Labels: Glassons (dress), Big W (bikini), Daiso (fan), Famous Footwear (sandalls), Glassons (hat), Unknown Korean (button blouse)

Fav item: Fan $2.80 from Daiso kekek

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 4.45.19 PM

I have a fetish for Asian oriental prints


Always healthy to have double the sunprotection (cc cream and suncream) and face mist to hydrate that beautiful face.

Keep a book at your side! I hate reading but this fashion book totally keeps me hooked heheh

Keep the SUMMER FEVER going~ Stay cool guys! xoxo

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