Are your jeans in distress or are your lens giving you stress?

This girl does it right! #asianblogger <33



Before I go into the topic of fashion, I will like to tell all of you fashion bloggers to go out now and buy yourself a 50mm F1.8 lens if you haven’t have one. I was pulling my hair, figuring out why I can’t get the nice blur background photos that lots of professional fashion bloggers have on their blogs. And finally, like god sent, a friend whom love photography asked me whether I have this lens while we were discussing how to take landscape photos (thank you, thank you for being curious, my dear friend) and that’s when I feel as if someone just slap me on my head. Why didn’t I have this lens all these time?!! Urghhhh…yes,yes, I admit I’m lazy and not bothering to do thorough research on lens.

When I found out this secret, I march out (almost immediately!) to buy one. Even the shop…

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One thought on “Are your jeans in distress or are your lens giving you stress?

  1. Absolutely! The nifty fifty is the go-to for portrait. If you have 1 lens, have this. When I bought my DSLR, I bought it body-only, because any lens which comes in the packet with a cheap DSLR is crap and I already had a 40 year old 50 mm f1.8 (plus adapter) which did the job (manual focus only, but hey). Then, my first modern lens purchase was a Canon 50 mm f1.8. 70 bucks second hand. Bargain.

    Unfortunately, for landscapes, indoors up close or with groups, 50 mm is too narrow, so I’ve now got a 17-50 mm f2.8 giving greater framing options but I miss always having f1.8 available (because now, my go to is the 17-50 zoom because I need the framing variety in shots but I don’t get as nice blur). Have fun with your new lens!

    If you see old wide aperture lenses around for cheap (garage sales, gumtree – can get some bargains from old guys selling their old gear, the guys who don’t know it’s now fashionable to have and mess around with old lenses) get them and grab an adapter off ebay. Heaps of fun, makes you feel cool and innovative, and it is a very cheap way to expand your range of shooting options.


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