[REVIEW] #SFW Seoul Fashion Week SS 2015 : SOULPOT STUDIO


SHOWCASE : 10.19 Sunday

Opened with skyscrapers and noisy background sounds to soft tones of eery dreary tunes made me wake up to its metallics and boxy shapes. They gave me a monochromatic metallic futuristic mood.

 Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 5.18.00 PM

1. That green looks so fab on the runway. Sheek and Shiny! On the runway the pants look linen but I don’t know my fabrics to exactly pinpoint it.

2.This bumper jacket came out priceless for me. I love the combination of mesh or small window panned sleeves with clear soft PVC revealing blurred soft metallic sky blue! ❤

3. That sleeveless trenchie / jacket moved so well down that runway. The lighting gave it the extra metallic kick! Gave it a very “ready-to-wear / easy-to-wear” loose-fit style.

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 5.14.07 PM

1. That pop of purple is perfect but I am not too keen on the shape nor material. Hopefully it’s not as itchy as it looks. That random band on the skirt gives it extra shape. What do u think? Random or not?

2. So what does this remind u of? Reminds me of Japanese designs. That bando placed across the chest and through to the armpits is a bit random but I adore it. It gives the top more edge and innovation. And that skirt.. How it moves on the runway is to die for! I love skirts that can do that!

3. The top’s texture is what appeals to me first over the metallic bando and the skirt. I would prefer without the bando but I still like it with. The side flaps would have been better discarded but it’s not too much of a problem as they’re subtly on the side. I just love the layered front. Mesh and pure white silk or cotton? Yes plz!!! Just gives it its slim sophisticated shape in her legs.

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 5.19.37 PM

If you have known me by now, you would notice I love a bit of leg and inconsistency while still convey feminine and sophistication. The above three are my favourite outfits from this runway! I love thick jackets / trenchies, lots of legs from an open top, skirt, dress or cape and one slim leg from a random cut dress.

Check out the whole runway below.

What are your thoughts?


PHOTOS by Angelo Shin


Trendy (Youtube)


Seoul Fashion Week

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