KOFFIA 2014 in Brisbane`

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So before I forget..As I am so forgetful. Last year I volunteered, but this year I attended as a guest. I attended two sessions for HOT YOUNG BLOODS and VENUS TALK. Disappointed I couldn’t see Nora Noh, the fashion documentary movie.

The festival itself was fun, however it felt quiet mainly because there was not a lot of guests? Or maybe I just went to the unpopular sessions. xD Hopefully, we can see more next year!!! Volunteers were helpful and the line up of screenings wasn’t too bad. I did enjoy both films. I am biased to say that though haha. Lee Jong Suk is soo ‘prettyboy’ in HYB!! And Uhm Jung Hwa is so hot for a lady of her age going for a youngin’ keke

Screen shot 2014-10-08 at 9.12.23 PM

Hot Young Bloods: I felt at times where I was falling asleep, saids I with the short attention span syndrome LOL. Some cute moments, cute and awkward moments and some WTF moments. The ending was soo cute tho! *spoiler alert* All in all, I did enjoy the chuckling laughs once in a while, squeels and fangirling over Jong Sukkie, and the cringe factor over the 1980s flaired pants. I love 1980s look! But the flaired pants ain’t my thing~~ xD  3/5?? What are your feels?

Venus Talk: I loved this SEX AND THE CITY kind of vibe. Go the mature ladies going back to find love and trauma….oh and sex~ keke. Right after seeing A Witch’s Romance with Jung Hwa, her character in this film felt all too familiar. Who saids you have to dress, be successful and have a fulfilling sex life when your young!? The oldies can do it too~ Each female character dressed according to their personality, current status and relationship – now that’s what I enjoyed most about this movie. The fashion fit so well, well for me, they did. I quite enjoyed the movie through the fashion, relationships and its finale. It’s the kind of films that make me sigh or cry pondering over my life span. Am I getting old?? haha 3/5?? Your rating?

Who else attended the festival??

Brisbane Festival Highlights:


Credit: KOFFIA

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