[GIF Appreciation] 10 of Kpop’s Worst and Oddest Choreographies

Hehe I love this!! Asia47, u’r so spot on! Thanks for the article!

Asia 24/7

10 of Kpop's Worst and Oddest Choreographies

Choreography is without a doubt an essential part to any performance, and is especially a staple to Kpop music. But sometimes artists just don’t hit the mark. Here is a list of 10 dances, in no particular order, that just didn’t work they way they were intended to.

Touch My Body


While I like the song, “Touch My Body’s” ridiculous leg shaking choreography is just plain bad. It’s like their trying to that pool water out their shorts.



Really EXO?! What can be said about this dance? The fact that their pants make them look like they’re wearing diapers, shaking it about does not a good image this choreography provide.

Hands Up


Maybe not as bad as some of the other’s on this list, but this was a low point in these boys’ career. They had treated us to some of the most innovative choreography in Kpop, and…

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