Star Empire to Get “Nasty” With New Unit Group

Asia 24/7


Star Empire has announced, and begun teasing the debut of their new unit group, Nasty, made up of ZE:A’s Kevin, Nine Muses’ Kyungri, and trainee Sojin.

I am completely skeptical of this unit group. Kevin, and Kyungri have never struck me as exceptional singers or performers. I don’t know of them having an specific talent that sets them apart from their respective groups or the rest of the industry. If they do, they’ve never made good use of it, since neither of their groups have successful made a real impression in the industry. Then there is this trainee, Sojin, whom I’ve never heard of or seen anywhere. The grouping of three people, two of whom really don’t have strong personalities or skills, doesn’t set the stage for something to be excited about. The cherry on top is the random unit name, Nasty. It’s a very blatant…

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