[GIVEAWAY] Asia 24/7’s 3rd Anniversary – 2 Day Giveaway: Day 1

Asia 24/7

Asia 24/7 3rd Anniversary - 2 Day Giveaway

To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary of Kpop blogging, we’re giving away TWO Kpop CDs to TWO lucky fans with TWO days of giveaways!! Check out how you win Day 1’s prize below!

Day 1

1st Mini Album

ToHeart- 1st Mini Album

April 8th-11th


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Comment below with your answer to this question (Remember! We like it when you make us laugh):

Which ToHeart member do you think would give you the most ‘nutritious & delicious’ love?  How so?

Be sure to include your Facebook & Twitter handles with your answer.

**Extra Consideration to our followers on Tumblr & Instagram. If you do, be sure to include ALL your handles in your comment**

WINNER: Monday April 14, 2014

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