Event: Mofo Love March 28th

Event: MofoLove (Photography, Art, Magazine and Music) Rooftop Party

Location: Fox Hotel, SouthBank, South Brisbane.

Date: Friday, March 28th.

Below are some of the photos I took with my poor Samsung note 3 haha. Apologies~

The event wasn’t too bad. The organisers hired out 3 levels, rooftop bar and studio, the last I’m too sure as I didn’t go down there.

The rooftop was very green and spacious for sitting and standing, and there was smoking area – yay keke. The drinks were relatively cheap $7 for basic cocktails, $10 for specialised. The bar itself had soo much going on. i.e decor, bird cages, lights and of course colour. The ceiling was the highlight for me. I couldn’t stop staring at the ornaments hanging down. The DJ was soo nice and she was playing old school tunes. People finally got up and danced haha

Downstairs the studio was spacious and had that soft stale feel to it. There were about 4 rooms, I think, and each room had photos hanging of Australian or international celebrities and landscapes. I didn’t want to take photos in respect. Finger food was being served, a small bar with cute bartenders and a DJ were on stand-by. The studio was very spacious and felt like a little awkward but only because there wasn’t much people. But that’s not a problem, you don’t see crowds in art galleries either as it’s all about appreciating art. Overall, nice people, nice venue. I hope the whole night turned out well for the organisers cuz we had to leave early. 😦


   Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 10.05.33 PM












Stylist and Creative Director: Georgia Rostagno




National/International Makeup Artist: Joel Richy for JRich Cosmetics


Pce out,


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