4Minute’s party invitation sneak peak : 뭐해? Teasers

So what are they doing?

Teaser 1:

First impression, why are they all in a restroom? lol I donno about you, but I would not like to be sitting or touching the urinal at all even if I was drunk. :/

From a couple on the floor, a guy vomiting in his urinal and a girl patting him, guy vomiting in the wash basin, a couple flirting against the wall, a girl not caring what is going on, etc all in a men’s restroom, it’s certain that the teaser’s concept is the “after party”. ie. the dance party is gradually dying down with everyone trying to slowly recover just before the long ride home for a well deserved sleep and hangover haha

The constant shrug is soo cute and fun. Are they telling us “what the heck is going on?” haha here’s the next hit dance move which may not be as big as “Super Junior Sorry Sorry hand rub, Beast’s Shock hand drop, 2ne’s I Don’t Care swift finger and hands wave, SNSD’s Genie leg kick, Wonder Girl’ Nobody point and clap, Shinee’s Ring Dong Dong hip dip, Gangnam Style horse gallop, OMG the list goes on..It’s still very catchy and will still be recognized for awhile.  People are still in the classics die-hard KPOP moves, as mentioned above. At least the girl’s are trying to tick all the boxes of a well worth MV. Which reminds me, let’s take a look at the fashion so far.

I’m loving the metallic skater skirts. Who said metallic has to be just silver, bronze or black? Let’s put in blues and pinks and reds for that outrageous disco feel with skater skirts, mesh and high puffy layered dresses/skirts and leather. I’m loving the whole feel. Its looks randomly, ridiculous and fun! Can I have my next 27 party like this please? keke

So onto teaser 2:

Yay sequins and pearl necklaces are back! That jacket on Hyuna looks amazing as it just bounces and shines in the first scene!

The mesh, floral, leather, shift dresses, ni-high boots and skater skirts are here as well. And do I see socks and heels? Oh yes please. It’s time to bring back those trends please. And what do have we here, the clear PVC skirt?? Some people may hate it –  I love it. Fashion doesn’t have to be threads. I mean if we can wear plastic clutches or shoulder bags and then we wear it has a skirt or dress, even a raincoat! It just shows creativity. At least you’re safe from rain or spilt drinks (as clutzy as I am~)

Trust 4minute to introduce back these trends as they have continuously showed us a very fun and cute side of them. And with this concept they’ve decided to take it to the next level. I’m really really looking forward to the whole clip with more fashion random pieces and choreography. Will it be another dance I’m itching to learn? keke

And lastly, can I mention the girl at 0.07 secs with the large cat glittered specs? She’s sooo hilariously random. Open your eyes and walk properly girl..LOVE IT! hahah  Can I steal your frames??


Album release: March 17


4Minute Youtube

Cute Ent.

Pce out,


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