Review : Toheart’s Delicous

Let’s get away from the sexy mood that Infinite and Shinee are known for and come to a more cutier form.

What did you think of the MV?

Personally, and u guessed it, I AM IN LOVE WITH THE COLOURS!! Colours shows personality and fun.

I feel that both of the boys portray two types of personalities. 1. Metro trendy 2. Manly trendy

Key did played well with his “leather skirt”. While the international industry are currently dismissing such a concept, KPOP/ROCK is letting it slowly slip out. And I’m loving it. On Key it shows character and draws out his passion for fashion culture. Great work to his stylist!The pinstriped long jacket looks amaze on him! He looks soo dreamy and manly~

I’m just not in for the bright yellow eyebrow dye. It was random and strange. Though it is a looker!Also I am falling in love his teased platinum hair. Why? Cuz it reminds me of my old hair. It took me 5 tries to get it to platinum, shaven and clean cut My hair should be dead by now LOL


It’s good to see WooHyun back in colours. I was getting a little lost with the monochrome look that Infinite usually goes for.  It’s good to see a difference. Both voices compliment each other. Yet, although they’re both the visuals of their own groups I didn’t think they’ll collaborate.. Did you? Hope they receive more interest. Go boys!

Anyway, if you still haven’t seen the MV yet.. Take a look below.

credit: SmEnt.

Colour me beautiful.

Pce out,


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