Review: 2NE1 “CRUSH”



Lately, I haven’t been an avid fan of 2NE1, however, they have hit me a bit!
The album shoot looks amazing with those bright colours.
Below are my fav shots from the teaser set and album set.
DARA – Expresses beauty, boyish and a sense of leadership. AND BLUE IS MY FAV COLOUR keke
I love the blur in the background. It just feels like she just finished her fight. keke
CL – Leader I just love this shot of her! Shows fierce yet vulnerability. Very editorial  LOL


Take a listen to the new album below..

I’m fascinated by how they can continue to give us strong tunes not through powerful beats yet through catchy tunes.They almost have a touch of indie and/or rnb touch. I am not an expert in this genre so please do correct me haha I am loving CL’s solo. It’s not harsh with no extra electronic beats but a consistent catchy tune which I can totally bop my head to while driving… Center of attention? hahah I dont care! It’s catchy and hot! The whole album is consistent but I may get a little lost between a few songs. Nice soothing and easy sing-along tunes but this most of time will get me bored.. Is something wrong with me? hahah
The final question is it worth buying? Yes. 1 It’s 2ne1! hahah 2. its one of those 2ne1 albums that’s worth getting dust on and coming back to those soothing catchy beats with a few hip beats to bob to.


Pce out,
P.S Should I do a current KDrama obsession entry next? keke
credit: Allkpop, YG, 2NE1 FACBEOOK

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