Anna Hulm Winter Garden Store Opening : 14.02.14



Shop G11, Wintergarden Shopping Centre, Queen St, Brisbane CBD

Finally, her new store opened yesterday at Winter Garden. Frankly speaking, I walked in feeling a little out of place with my friends knowing that the guest list would be a little more mature for us.

However, all the guests were welcoming. Anna, the designer herself, approached me with an open hand and smile. I loved it! The music was soothing and sounded more Japanese. The sushi was set for the guests with champagne and cherry plopped inside very much exudes ORIENTAL. Her dress, that she was wearing from her collection, was amazing!

The prints were beautiful. She tells me that she was working in London and Shanghai. She found these prints in Shanghai, by which you can tell by the quality and the cherry blossoms of pink and red colours in the print. They yell oriental~ She’s inspired by comfy and beautiful garments which ladies can wear during the day and night. Each dress is one size but ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Amen to that sister! To accentuate the waist add a coloured ribbon or belt to the equation. C’mon, what better way to have perfection in the whole image.. Emphasising garment print while completing on shape and size with comfortability. WE ALL NEED THIS LADIES!

Anyway, there was a raffle and so we all added our names to the basket. First name done, second name – LEON. MY MATE WON A DRESS. HAHHAHHAH “Thanks, I’ll take that!” I went to try on dresses. As soon as I came out with the first dress, the one I took home, 4 ladies went to go try on.. kekeke I should be their model keke

So pass all the chitchat. Here are the photos. I apologize again. I went out clubbing after so I wasnt able to bring my big camera. I will for this afternoon’s event.







Designer: Anna Hulm


Partners who made each garment..Australian made keke


From one of Anna’s collection.




Urbane and oriental..Yes please.

Feels sooo light and comfy~!

The dress is worth over $200.


Off to Sha Sha’s fashion show in Underwood now..

Pce out.


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