Oriental Modern Beauty ft. Fan Bing Bing

Fan Bingbing by Chen Man for Marie Claire China January 2015

This shoot ticks all my boxes.

✓ Asian natural lines and simple curves

✓ Fabrics with crystal / gold embellish

✓ Intricate headpiece

✓Gradient / ombre lips for a Japanese Doll modern trend look

✓ Lace and tassels

✓ And finally her luminous fair skin

Fan Bingbing by Chen Man for Marie Claire China January 2015 1

10404406_881814635196957_8482882328142947954_n Fan Bingbing by Chen Man for Marie Claire China January 2015 5

Fan Bingbing by Chen Man for Marie Claire China January 2015 2

Fan Bingbing by Chen Man for Marie Claire China January 2015 4

Fan Bingbing by Chen Man for Marie Claire China January 2015 6

Fan Bingbing by Chen Man for Marie Claire China January 2015 3


The red tassels which looks to be dropping off the headpiece reminds me of the Shanghai Opera traditional headpiece. The tassels seem to sit as a halter tie attached to the dress rather, but still, I really love the traditional wear reference!



Haute Couture Week


Rebel Mouse 


Marie Claire China

Chen Man Photography

Sina Media

Beach Planning`

Planned a nice trip with my girls but last minute got cancelled.

I don’t mind but just wanted to share my pack. :)

CYMERA_20141114_170656 (1)

Labels: Glassons (dress), Big W (bikini), Daiso (fan), Famous Footwear (sandalls), Glassons (hat), Unknown Korean (button blouse)

Fav item: Fan $2.80 from Daiso kekek

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 4.45.19 PM

I have a fetish for Asian oriental prints


Always healthy to have double the sunprotection (cc cream and suncream) and face mist to hydrate that beautiful face.

Keep a book at your side! I hate reading but this fashion book totally keeps me hooked heheh

Keep the SUMMER FEVER going~ Stay cool guys! xoxo

Are your jeans in distress or are your lens giving you stress?


This girl does it right! #asianblogger <33

Originally posted on BLACKIVORY STYLE:


Before I go into the topic of fashion, I will like to tell all of you fashion bloggers to go out now and buy yourself a 50mm F1.8 lens if you haven’t have one. I was pulling my hair, figuring out why I can’t get the nice blur background photos that lots of professional fashion bloggers have on their blogs. And finally, like god sent, a friend whom love photography asked me whether I have this lens while we were discussing how to take landscape photos (thank you, thank you for being curious, my dear friend) and that’s when I feel as if someone just slap me on my head. Why didn’t I have this lens all these time?!! Urghhhh…yes,yes, I admit I’m lazy and not bothering to do thorough research on lens.

When I found out this secret, I march out (almost immediately!) to buy one. Even the shop…

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[REVIEW] #SFW Seoul Fashion Week SS 2015 : SOULPOT STUDIO


SHOWCASE : 10.19 Sunday

Opened with skyscrapers and noisy background sounds to soft tones of eery dreary tunes made me wake up to its metallics and boxy shapes. They gave me a monochromatic metallic futuristic mood.

 Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 5.18.00 PM

1. That green looks so fab on the runway. Sheek and Shiny! On the runway the pants look linen but I don’t know my fabrics to exactly pinpoint it.

2.This bumper jacket came out priceless for me. I love the combination of mesh or small window panned sleeves with clear soft PVC revealing blurred soft metallic sky blue! <3

3. That sleeveless trenchie / jacket moved so well down that runway. The lighting gave it the extra metallic kick! Gave it a very “ready-to-wear / easy-to-wear” loose-fit style.

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 5.14.07 PM

1. That pop of purple is perfect but I am not too keen on the shape nor material. Hopefully it’s not as itchy as it looks. That random band on the skirt gives it extra shape. What do u think? Random or not?

2. So what does this remind u of? Reminds me of Japanese designs. That bando placed across the chest and through to the armpits is a bit random but I adore it. It gives the top more edge and innovation. And that skirt.. How it moves on the runway is to die for! I love skirts that can do that!

3. The top’s texture is what appeals to me first over the metallic bando and the skirt. I would prefer without the bando but I still like it with. The side flaps would have been better discarded but it’s not too much of a problem as they’re subtly on the side. I just love the layered front. Mesh and pure white silk or cotton? Yes plz!!! Just gives it its slim sophisticated shape in her legs.

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 5.19.37 PM

If you have known me by now, you would notice I love a bit of leg and inconsistency while still convey feminine and sophistication. The above three are my favourite outfits from this runway! I love thick jackets / trenchies, lots of legs from an open top, skirt, dress or cape and one slim leg from a random cut dress.

Check out the whole runway below.

What are your thoughts?


PHOTOS by Angelo Shin


Trendy (Youtube)


Seoul Fashion Week

Houndstooth (aka David Jones) Day` Ft. Emily Hinton


Rocks Riverside Park,
Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD

Photographer: Leon Pham 

Associates: Kim Byung Jun (10PerPeople)

Stylist: Theresa Chung

Model: Emily Hinton (emerging Brisbane model)

Labels: Model owned (hat, flatforms), unknown Korean (lace shirt), Ice Design (dress)

I’m in love with Bamboo. In love with Asian Oriental! kekek

Screen shot 2014-10-24 at 4.43.14 PM IMG_4141 IMG_4144 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 10.45.34 PM

[REVIEW] #SFW Seoul Fashion Week SS 2015 : Ordinary People


Show case: 10.17 Friday

Not bad not bad. There’s a few statement cut and fits that caught my eye.

18_Ki Yung Jang

I’m very keen on this elbow wide sleeve. It shows that men can even pull it off.

The thick cuffed hem of the shorts is pretty attractively revealing too.

1_Park hyung sup (1) 24_Yoon Jae Hong 26_Kim tae hwan

Trenchies for SS? heheh I’m a huge fan of trenchies esp with a cool plain colour or a print. The polka dot I love too keke

To my male lovelies, hit or miss?

To see more of the collection check out INAPAD.com

Check out the below video for the runway.


Photos by Angelo Shin


Trendy (Youtube)


Seoul Fashion Week